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As a clerk your responsibility is to market your Chambers and your barristers better.  This is a difficult balancing act for anyone let alone for someone who is also tasked with managing their members’ diaries and making sure Chambers runs like clockwork.

The short answer is to make sure your members take greater personal responsibility for their marketing, for their business development and for maintaining their profile; this is where Tenandahalf can help.

We can help you:

  • Develop a marketing strategy that pulls all of your marketing efforts together, consolidates your traditional markets and opens up new opportunities
  • Create a compelling value proposition that makes Chambers stand out from your competitors so you are more attractive to instructing solicitors  
  • Build individual marketing plans for members based upon their personal objectives and the activities they are most comfortable with
  • Gain genuine and impartial feedback from the law firms who instruct you; insight you can use to improve your service levels so you win even more work
  • Improve the way your clerking team communicates with, engages with and sells to your clients 
  • Implement more structured key account management so you generate as much work and as many referrals as possible from your current relationships

Most of all we can provide you with an experienced external sounding board you can use to discuss, formulate and implement your ideas so they generate the highest level of return for Chambers. 


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