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Whether you are a solicitor, an accountant or a patent or trade mark attorney you have to be able to demonstrate you can generate work if you are going to take your career to the next level.


You also need to know that marketing isn’t – as the old professional services adage would suggest – just about networking. 


There are now more ways than ever for you to boost your profile, maintain your relationships and ensure you are front of mind when new opportunities arise.  Your job is to recognise which methods work best for you and how to do them in the best way possible.


Working with Tenandahalf will help you:


  • Identify the methods of marketing and business development that work best for you
  • Build up the confidence to ensure you implement those methods to the best of your ability
  • Generate the best possible results from the time you invest in business development
  • Improve the way you manage your current client and referrer relationships so they generate more opportunities
  • Experiment with a wider range of marketing and business development options, e.g. social media, writing and speaking


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