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10½ ways to make sure you always present with impact & influence

07 Dec 2015

Allow me to let you into a secret, when it comes to presenting, it’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it. Here are 10½ questions to ask yourself ahead of presenting. If you can answer all of them positively, the next presentation you give will be delivered with more impact and, as a result, will exert more influence on your audience.


10½ ways to ensure your marketing and business development teams have the focus they need to succeed

29 Oct 2015

When we’re working alongside departmental and sector marketing teams one of the things we see all too often is a lack of focus. This can turn meetings into talking shops in which insignificant details are discussed at length and the real reason for the meeting - what you want to achieve and how best to get there - aren’t touched upon.


10½ reasons why you should embrace the listicle

01 Jun 2015

Why should lawyers, accountants and barristers embrace the listicle in their marketing?


10½ ways to cross-sell

05 May 2015

Cross-selling is one of easiest ways for a lawyer, accountant or barrister to grow their practice. Here are 10½ ways to instigate a successful cross-selling programme.


10½ ways to ensure your content delivers a return on your investment

05 Apr 2015

The following tips are designed to help you make sure you use the content (articles, blogs, newsletters, newsfeeds etc.) open to you in a way that will deliver the highest return on your investment.


10½ ways to improve your man-management skills, the Brian Clough way

05 Feb 2015

There's a lot of guff written about man-management. We're supposed to take a stance somewhere between lofty academic pontificating and swirly touchy-feely concepts alien to anyone who never went to Woodstock. However - and it may be because we're based in Nottingham - for man-management advice my source of choice is one Brian Howard Clough.


10½ ways client research delivers a commercial return

05 Jan 2015

Find out why client research is always a commercially successful process. for lawyers, accountants and barristers.


10½ tips to help you deliver presentations with a little more impact

04 Dec 2014

While very few actually enjoy presenting, the truth of the matter is at some point during your career you will have to get up and do it so here are 10 ½ pointers on how to make sure your presentations always deliver the maximum impact.


10½ ways to market litigation

05 Nov 2014

While litigation is difficult to market, it's not impossible. Here are 10½ ways you to market litigation.


10½ things clients really want from a professional service firm

21 Oct 2014

At the risk of repeating ourselves, technical skills alone are no longer enough to win you work. Your clients are more savvy, more promiscuous and have more choice than ever. Firms need to craft sales messages that promote how you provide as much as what you provide and, according to studies, what your clients really want is ...


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