10½ alternatives to a traditional article

03 May 2019

Articles have long been a mainstay of most professional service firms’ marketing strategies and it’s easy to understand why.  Getting your name in the right publications immediately underlines your credibility in your market earning you kudos with your current clients and contacts and boosting your visibility to prospective clients.


However they also take a long time to research and write.  And, looking towards your readers, they also take a while to read!


If you are looking to produce content for your website and newsletters you need to find more time-effective (and reader-friendly) formats.  Here are 10½ we are seeing work really well for the solicitors, accountants, IP attorneys, barristers and architects we work with:


1.  Serials


Instead of writing an article, take all of the key points you wanted to cover one by one and release them as short blogs every week or every fortnight to get significantly more sustained exposure from one idea.


2.  Blogs


While some professionals feel a little exposed writing blogs given they really need to be a little more informal and conversational than a traditional article (and that often means adding in an opinion as well as just covering the particular point you want to make), they are still the best received form of content when you get it right.


3.  Video


Our advice?  Find the members of your team who are comfortable writing blogs and give them personal responsibility for driving your blog.


Thanks to free platforms like Lumen 5 and ScreencastOmatic producing short video content is quick, easy and no longer requires persuading people to actually put their face in front of the camera.  You can animate blog content or just talk over a few slides, save your work and have it online within minutes.


If you would like to read the other 7½ tips they are right here.  Or if you’d like to find out more about the content production services (both in terms of helping you produce more fresh and engaging content of your own or outsourcing the production to us) you can do here.

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