10½ tips to help you stay in touch with clients, contacts and targets

24 Mar 2019

In our experience every professional knows they need to stay in touch with their clients, their professional contacts and their targets not least because you will always win the majority of your work from people you already know.


However, there are almost always questions as to how you stay in touch so with this in mind, here are 10½ tips we hope will help you get closer and stay closer to the people who are most important to your practice.


1. Take responsibility for making contact


You can't make a client contact you but you can make yourself contact them.  Take the initiative; commit to staying in touch with your clients, contacts and targets so you stay in control of the relationship … and underline you are the lawyer/accountant/barrister/attorney who really does take your relationships seriously.


2. Stick to your plan!


Committing to staying in touch is only words unless you actually stay in touch!  Have a plan, have a list, have a schedule, have reminders …. whatever you need to underpin your planned activity.  The good news is that anything you’ll ever need will already be either on your phone or your desktop already.


3. Go with your gut


If you suddenly think to yourself that you’ve not spoken to someone recently enough, you’re probably right.  When it comes to BD your gut instinct is pretty accurate every time so trust it!


If you’d like to read the next 7½ tips, please download them here.

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