10½ questions to ask yourself while you’re putting your BD plan for 2019 together

24 Oct 2018

We are coming to the time of year when partners, directors and heads of department (not to mention your marketing and BD managers and directors) will be asking for your personal business development plan for 2019.  It’s easy just to re-date last year’s plan but if your plan is going to generate the results you want it to, you’ll need to do a little more.


With this in mind this month’s Tenandahalf Top Tips cover some of the questions you may want to consider while you put your plan together.


1. Are you just going to cut and paste your previous plan so you have a plan to hand in?


If you are, our advice would be to save yourself the time!  Your 2019 plan needs to have a focus; cut out the stuff that hasn’t worked in the past or reduce the stuff that no longer generates the level of return it used to.


It’s essential to identify the stuff that’s worked well and either do more of it or refresh it a little so it generates an even better return in the coming year.


2. Do you have meaningful objectives?


By meaningful objectives we don’t mean ‘increase market awareness’ or ‘boost profile’ we mean having numbers you can measure your progress against throughout the year.


 The first number is often your billing target from which you need to work backwards enabling you to see what is needed to hit that number:

  • Who are your key clients and how often do you have to see them?
  • How often do you need to see your main referrers and how many new referrers would you benefit from meeting during the year?
  • How many articles do you need to write? 
  • How many speaking slots will you need to deliver or how many networking events will you need to attend to meet enough new contacts to move your practice forward?

3. Are you committing to what you can do or what you think you should do?


As we’ve said far too many times over the last 13 years, there is a default setting across the professional services that BD has to be about networking and networking has to be about formal networking events. 




There are a number of other activities you can pursue that could be much better suited to your particular skills including writing, presenting or client development.


The rise and rise of available (and free) tech is only going to increase your options and we are seeing firms making very productive use of short video, webinars, YouTube and brand new social media platforms as they increase their presence within their particular markets.


But that’s not to say networking doesn’t have a part to play, it most certainly does just don’t list out the same old events; think about the networking you like to do and start to consider less formal or even self-run events that will allow you to showcase the very best of you.


If you like what you've read so far, please download all 10½ top tips.

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