10½ steps to help you improve your follow up

30 May 2018

Networking success isn’t a given because you turned up to an event, it comes when you follow up with the people you meet at those events.  A meeting turns into a coffee and a chat, that chat leads to another chat and over time, as long as  there’s common ground, opportunities to work together or refer to each other should arise.


However, one of the questions we are asked pretty much daily is how do you ‘do’ follow up?  To answer that perennial question here are 10½ (easy) steps you can take to improve your follow up.


1.  Re-set your mind-set


As we said in the intro, successful networking isn’t about turning up, it’s about following up.  You’re not just going to meet someone and get a job there and then, you’ll need to work at it and that’s where follow up come in. 


It’s not over-egging it to say that if you don’t buy into that and/or if you’re not prepared to invest in following up properly, it’s not going to be worth networking.


2.  Listen


Whilst you’re speaking to someone, don’t fall in the trap of talking endlessly about you … and certainly don’t rely on the anodyne and outmoded ‘elevator script’. 


You need to have a conversation and conversations need to be 2-way.  Really listen to what you’re being told and listen out for that one little detail you can help with.  That one detail will be the easiest follow up step to use and you won’t hear it if you’re just talking about yourself.


3.  Help! They’ll need somebody …


Too many people think networking is all about them.  Meet – pitch –business card – move on. 


It isn’t; real networking is about having a chat, getting on with people and leaving a positive impression.  It’s also about marking yourself out as the person they’d actually like to continue a conversation with. 


One of the easiest ways to mark yourself out (and, to pick a life coach-ism, to ‘build trust’) is to offer help. 


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