10½ steps to setting up your own networking event

01 May 2018

1. What type of event do you want to run?

Make your event stand out by choosing something/somewhere people wouldn’t expect or that will be new to your audience.  Obviously you need to be professional and pitch the activity/venue at the right level but don’t think you have to use the same old stuffy venues everyone else does.

2. What do you want your event to do?

Success is going to be dependent on you knowing exactly what you want your event to achieve.  Is it a chance to get together with professional contacts at your level?  Is it a mixer for clients and targets?  Is it a sector-driven event for contacts, referrers, targets and clients to use to widen their networks with likeminded people? 

3. Who do you want to invite?

Now you know what you want to do and what you want to achieve you can start shortlisting who you want to attend.  This should be a mix of people you know, people you’ve met in the past, people you think you should know and any new contacts you can broker an intro to via your colleagues’ networks.
And if you want to do something to boost your attendance a little further, add a ‘plus one’ to your invite and let your invitees know they can bring a client, a colleague or a contact depending on who they think would benefit (or, more importantly, actually enjoy it).

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