Special Reports

The Professionals Marketing Tool Kit: Everything you ever wanted to know about networking (but we afraid to ask)

23 Sep 2019

In this part of our Professionals Marketing Tool Kit we answer the 5 main questions we’re asked about networking by solicitors, accountants, patent or trade mark attorneys and barristers ...


The Professionals Marketing Tool Kit: From introduction to instruction

13 Sep 2019

In our experience the majority of solicitors, accountants, patent or trade mark attorneys and barristers don't struggle to meet new contacts but there is sometimes a bit of confusion as to how best to take those conversations from an introduction to an instruction. That's why this part of our marketing tool kit provides a practical step-by-step guide that will help you do exactly that.


The Professionals Marketing Tool Kit: How to plan more effective coffee meetings

13 Sep 2019

'Coffee meetings' are now a mainstay in almost every solicitor, accountant, patent or trade mark attorney or barrister's business development plan. But how can you get more from the time you're spending drinking coffee? Well, that's exactly what we cover here!


The Professionals Marketing Tool Kit: How to improve your presentations

13 Sep 2019

Here are some of the key points we have found will help every solicitor, accountant, patent or trade mark attorney or barrister improve the way they structure, design and deliver presentations.


Why should architects adopt a sector marketing strategy?

19 Feb 2019

Sector marketing may be new to the architectural sector but we are already seeing it generate some great results.  In this special report we look at why your practice should adopt a sector focus and provide a few practical tips to help get you up and running.


The Tenandahalf 2018 Annual

12 Dec 2018

If you are a lawyer, an accountant, a patent or trade mark attorney, an architect or a barrister or clerk and you would like loads of proven, practical business development tips, please download a copy of our brand new 2018 Tenandahalf Christmas Annual.


How will sector marketing increase the level of return your business development generates?

18 Oct 2018

In this free special report we look specifically at how and why sector marketing will make your marketing and business development more effective and more profitable and provide some practical direction as to how to choose the right sectors and get your sector teams up and running.


7 ways architects can generate better results from business development

19 Sep 2018

In this Tenandahalf special report we deliver 7 practical tips architects can use so they generate better results from their business development


How do you become the 'go to' barrister?

19 Sep 2018

A Tenandahalf special report that looks at different ways barristers can build their personal profile and achieve true 'go to' status.


The Tenandahalf 'For Every Eventuality' BD Grid

29 Nov 2017

Clients often tell us they struggle to find an excuse to meet up with their clients, contacts and targets - well no more! Download our grid here and all you'll need to do is take one box from each column and put them together and Bob's your mother's brother, you'll have your email invitation all written!


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