Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys

Here are testimonials from some of the patent and trade mark attorneys we have worked with internationally.

John Lawrence, Senior Partner, Barker Brettell LLP

16 Nov 2015

The client service reviews that Doug and Bernard have done for us are invaluable in reinforcing to us what is important to clients , and just occasionally identifying things we could do better. I am glad we have been brave enough to get third-party feedback , and it is money well spent. It helps us see if we are delivering the Client Value Proposition , or just kidding ourselves.

Jochen Sties, Partner, Prinz & Partner (Munich)

06 Nov 2015

We asked Size 10½ Boots to interview a number of our most important clients. Their professional approach and obvious understanding of the legal and intellectual property sectors combined to provide us with a level of insight into our commercial relationships we simply would not have otherwise gained.

Andrea Brewster, Greaves Brewster LLP and Member of Council, CIPA

17 Jul 2015

Bernard delivered a thought-provoking and highly engaging seminar for CIPA that provided practical tips on how our members could increase the effectiveness of their business development activities. Throughout, Bernard was able to demonstrate clear insight into the relationship between the modern professional services advisor and their (existing and prospective) clients alongside welcome reassurance to those patent attorneys still scared by the concept of selling.

Patrick Lloyd, Managing Partner, Reddie & Grose

17 Jul 2015

Bernard has provided our firm with excellent strategic and business advice. He has a deep understanding of his field and the ability to convey that to professionals in other business areas

Simon Bentley, Partner, Abel & Imray

17 Jul 2015

Bernard's great strength is his ability to demystify marketing, helping us to channel our marketing efforts more effectively while avoiding blind alleys.

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