Occasionally we're asked to work with companies outside the professional services, here are what some of those said about working with Tenandahalf.

James Hickey, Chief Executive Officer, Alliott Group

17 Jul 2015

Alliott Group has been working with Bernard and Tenandahalf for just over 3 years including speaking engagements at the Group’s conferences in Barcelona (October 2011) and Zurich (May 2012). Without exception, the feedback from delegates to Bernard’s presentations have been very positive to the point that Alliott Group has retained Tenandahalf to develop a 2 year in-house business development capability program that started in January 2013.

This partnership will see Bernard and his colleagues present at future conferences and Tenandahalf will roll-out a webinar programme to give our members a competitive edge as they seek to win business in a tougher environment. Tenandahalf really understand the issues facing professional service firms looking to run their business better, to differentiate themselves and provide these firms with a defined approach to win and retain new client.

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