Here are testimonials from some of the Chambers we have worked with.

Scott Baldwin, Senior Clerk, St Mary's Family Law Chambers

06 Nov 2015

We have always been pro-active in trying to get feedback from our clients. The problem we found was that often if there was an issue the client wouldn’t raise it for fear of causing offence. In some cases this meant we lost clients as we couldn’t change what we were doing wrong because we didn’t know. When we first used Tenandahalf to undertake a client service review we were astounded by the candid nature of the responses that our clients gave. We were being given vital information on how to improve our service levels and working practices to give our clients what they wanted. There was also the additional bonus of making our clients understand how important they are to us by paying someone to come and talk to them about how we can improve our working relationship. This will be the third year we have used Tenandahalf to undertake our client service reviews and I can’t see any reason why we would stop now.

Scott Baldwin, Senior Clerk at St. Mary's Family Law Chambers

17 Jul 2015

Their style is very clear and inclusive and led to many "eureka" type moments. They are always available to provide support and advice and it is clear they care about their work and that it is important that their clients get the results they should. I would recommend Size 10½ Boots to any professional service organisation but especially those in the legal sector.

Graham Sinclair, Head of Chambers, East Anglian Chambers

17 Jul 2015

By casting a clear, dispassionate, outsider's eye over the organisation's public face Bernard provided the evidence enabling me to implement necessary change. His constructive, practical and easy-to-implement marketing advice was invaluable; and his observations on long-term structural adaptation to meet changing demands pulled no punches.

Simon Boutwood, Chambers Director, Harcourt Chambers

17 Jul 2015

Always ready with helpful, practical, clear, concise advice and friendly, prompt and accommodating in its delivery, Doug and Bernard have provided answers to our questions ... even the ones we haven’t actually asked! They are easy to deal with and very good company. They have helped us get answers from our clients about what they want and what they think of us in much greater depth and detail than we would be ever likely to achieve ourselves. They have also provided a range of other services including the support of our marketing planning and providing specialist business development training for our barristers that has helped to reinforce the message that you’ve got to get out there and give the clients some love. I gladly recommend Doug and Bernard to my colleagues in other Chambers looking to improve their marketing and business development.

Tony Hill, Senior Clerk, Ropewalk Chambers

17 Jul 2015

I think the lasting legacy of our work with Bernard and Doug is the formulation of our Client Value Proposition. I would recommend that every professional services organisation undertakes this exercise with them. It forces you to be clear about who you are and what you do – and once you are sure of that, it makes it much easier to tell clients why they should come to you. We were privileged to be awarded Regional Chambers of the Year at the Halsbury Legal Awards 2014. Our submission was based heavily on our CVP, without which, I am sure we would not have won. Our thanks go to Bernard and Doug for doing the hard yards with us on it.

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