Sector marketing support for lawyers and accountants

Is your marketing and business development as focused as it should be?  Are you making the most of the time and resource you are investing in marketing and business development?


If the answer is “no”, it may be time to consider adopting a sector-led approach.


Sector marketing is not about closing off potential opportunities; it is about using the time you have available for marketing in a more focused and productive way.  The irony is the more relationships you build up through sector marketing, the more referrals you will generate organically from outside your chosen sectors.


Similarly sector marketing is not about promoting technical areas that only mean something to solicitors, accountants, patent or trade mark attorneys or barristers.  It’s about adopting the groupings your markets use; something that is as applicable to private client practices as it is to commercial practices.


If you would like to join the long list of clients Tenandahalf have helped develop successful sector marketing programmes, we will:


  • Help you choose the best sectors for you based on your CV and potential growth/opportunity
  • Help you put together effective sector teams that combine the required mix of skills
  • Help you devise a marketing plan that utilises all of the available channels to your target markets
  • Help you manage the implementation process, introducing best practice wherever possible to make sure your implementation is as easy and delivers results as quickly as possible   

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