Support to help lawyers and accountants create better tender responses

Whether you are a solicitor, an accountant, a patent or trade mark attorney or a barrister, formal procurement is becoming increasingly prevalent and this trend looks set to continue.


Depending on your point of view this shift either represents a levelling of the commercial playing field or the ultimate torture test.  Either way you need to know how to put together eye-catching and persuasive documents.


If you are already heavily involved in tendering but are falling short of your expected conversion rate, it may be time to revisit and refresh your approach. 


Working with Tenandahalf will help you:


  • Design a truly persuasive template you can use to keep winning tenders long into the future
  • Switch the focus of your reply from the writer to the reader which will create greater engagement and impact positively on your conversion rates
  • Focus your content on the exact requirements outlined in the invitation to tender which again will boost your chances of being put forward for the second round
  • Show you how to replace wordy, technical content and bland generic statements with tangible benefits that will catch the reader’s attention

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