Business development training for lawyers, barristers and accountants

The most effective marketing tool any law firm, accountancy practice or Chambers has is its staff but can you honestly say yours generate as many opportunities as they could?


If your solicitors, barristers, attorneys or accountants are going to spearhead your business development they need to have the skills, confidence and focus to get out and win the right work from the right clients.


The good news is once they get it right their activities will generate better results than any advertising, sponsorship or hospitality.  Better still, for you, good old fashioned BD will always be markedly less expensive.


Tenandahalf deliver bespoke workshops specifically designed to provide law firms, patent and trade mark attorneys, accountants and Chambers with practical proven marketing and business development advice; ideas they can use to win work for your firm or Chambers long into the future. 

Our specialist business development workshops will improve the results your marketing generates by:


  • Introducing new ways to win work - ideas your fee earners can put into practice immediately to start winning work
  • Helping your team develop the confidence they need to market more effectively and win more work as a result
  • Showing each candidate how to create the BD blueprint that works best for them so they are more comfortable with marketing and more likely to generate results
  • Providing the skills needed to increase your client retention and create more value from your existing relationships
  • Helping your fee earners stay closer to their markets so they are best placed when opportunities arise


To discuss a specific training courses you'd like to run for the professional services, please email us or find out more about the specialist business development training we provide for lawyers, accountants, patent and trade mark attorneys and barristers.

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