Marketing and business development audits for barristers’ chambers

Do you feel your approach to marketing and business development has become a bit flat?

Do you think your marketing and business development should be less arduous and more productive?
Do you want to innovate your barristers chamber’s marketing and business development?
Do you want some new ideas to support you in engaging with new targets, new industry sectors, or new geographic areas?
If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, it could be time for us to audit your chamber’s marketing and business development.
The process is simple:
  • We work with your key stakeholders to find out your current situation and where you want to be after our intervention 
  • We then use what we learn to create a tactical marketing plan designed to achieve your commercial objectives using the resources and budget provided  
  • We will then return to present our first draft, you will then make any changes you feel necessary to it. We will then go to finalise the plan, ready for you to use
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