External marketing and business development support for barristers

BDforBarristers is a brand new business development training course for barristers. 

 Delivered by email, video and PDF it brings together a wealth of BD best practice, the practical proven business development  tips we’ve built up whilst helping a long list of barristers chambers improve their approach to business development and marketing over the last decade.

Every month you will receive new video content and an accompanying PDF download that explore the 4 key areas of business development that every barrister and clerk should be addressing:

  • Improving client service (and therefore increasing client retention)
  • More effective networking
  • Presentation skills
  • Writing and content production

We’ll also send you a brand new BD tip every week that you can circulate around Chambers. 

Over the year BDforBarristers will grow into a unique repository of business development best practice.  Better still, your barristers and clerks can access it when it suits them and when they actually need the information around court and client commitments (and saving you from having to get everyone into one room at one time for traditional business development training).

If you’d like to see a preview of one of the videos that will feature in your subscription please click here.

You can download an overview of all of the business development tips your chambers will receive during year 1 here but if you would like to discuss how BDforBarristers will help your chambers’ in more detail, please email us today.


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