Copywriting services for barristers’ chambers

Tenandahalf has a long and successful record of providing specialist copywriting services for barristers. 

Since 2005 we have created every type of marketing material for a growing number of barristers’ chambers across every legal discipline so that they can promote the full range of their members’ experience more attractively and more effectively.

The copywriting services we have delivered for barristers’ chambers include:

  • Writing and refreshing their websites
  • Producing new brochures whether those are for chambers, for a particular group of barristers or to attract potential instructing solicitors within a specific legal area
  • Capability statements (by chambers, by barrister or by legal area)
  • Tender and pitch documents (about which you can find out more here)
  • Presentations

If you would like to discuss a specific copywriting project please email us today. 

If you’d like to find out more about the various marketing and business development services we offer barristers, please click here.

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