Marketing support for law firms, accountants, barristers, patent attorneys and architects

Do you want to refresh your firm, practice or chambers' approach to marketing and business development so you're in the best possible shape to help you achieve your commercial objectives? 

We have helped (and are still helping) a wide range of regional, national and international professional service firms do exactly that.

While no two projects are the same, the common elements tend to be:

More specifically we can provide:

  • An external marketing department should you not have your own
  • An external marketing director that can help your in-house resource by adding more strategic input 
  • A wealth of new marketing ideas that we know from experience work for the professional services
  • Specialist assistance with specific projects should your team not have the required skills
  • An extra pair of hands to get certain initiatives over the line when your marketers are busy delivering other projects    

However you choose to use Tenandahalf, having us on-board will give you the new ideas you'll need to achieve the growth you want.

What are the first steps?

Usually the first step we take with a new client is to perform a marketing audit.  We use what we learn to design a practical and tactical marketing plan that is focused on your commercial objectives but based upon the resource and budget you have available.

The audit process begins with us interviewing your key stakeholders to find out where you are, where you want to be and how you currently market (individually, by department and as a firm).  We then use this insight to build your plan before returning to present the first draft and then, with your input, refine the draft so you have a plan you can put into action immediately.

Would you like more details?


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But if you'd like to discuss a specific marketing project or idea, please email us today.  

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