Client research programmes for accountants 

Have you stopped to think how much more work you could win from your clients if you gave them the opportunity to talk to you?

As competition in the accounting market gets tougher and the buyers of accountancy services become increasingly discerning, it has never been as vital for accountancy practices to make sure their client relationships are as strong as they can be and that they are offering the highest possible levels of service.

Tenandahalf have undertaken client service review programmes for a variety of professional service practices.  We know how to extract all the information required to protect, strengthen and grow your key client relationships and become truly outstanding in your clients' (and your prospective clients’) eyes.

As accountants client listening will benefit your firm by:

  • Uncovering what you need to do to make your key client relationships as strong as possible so you can increase your client retention rates and maximise the fee levels each relationship generates
  • Identifying the blind spots in your current service offering so you can improve them to secure your current client relationships and make your firm more attractive to new clients
  • Giving your clients the opportunity to tell you what they really think which will underline your commitment to them which in turn will create new opportunities and new referrals
  • Showing you exactly what your clients consider critical and you can use that insight to get ahead of your competitors and start growing your market share

Best of all, client listening is almost always a self-funding exercise; simply taking the time to talk to your clients will uncover new opportunities that you can pursue (and bill) immediately.

If you would like to discuss how you could implement a client service review programme, please email us today.


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