Client Development

Every professional service firm can grow without winning a single new client.


All you need to do is structure your key account management/CRM activities so your focus is on client development rather than client management.   This slight shift of focus will help you create strong long-term relationships that ensure you not only retain your clients but also increase the level of fees they deliver each year.


By combining our professional services and corporate experience we can help you develop a much more structured client development programmes that will deliver the results you need. 


Structuring your approach to client development will make sure:


  • You become closer to your clients which will help you increase your client retention rates
  • You stay closer to your clients so you are always best placed to take advantage of new fee earning opportunities as they arise
  • You uncover cross-selling opportunities that will increase the level of fees you bill each client on an annual basis
  • You generate more referrals to your clients’ contacts which again will increase your fee levels

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