Marketing and business development training for barristers and clerks

If your Chambers’ business development is going to generate the financial return you want it to, your barristers and your clerks need to know exactly how to identify, progress and convert new opportunities.


Tenandahalf know how to build bespoke business development workshops that provide barristers and clerks with precisely those skills. 


And we don’t rely on theory; all of our workshops are packed with practical and proven marketing and business development advice that we know works so your members and clerks leave with ideas they can put into practice easily and immediately. 

However, the best news for Chambers is once your barristers and clerks have these skills, your Chambers’ marketing and business development will immediately become not only more productive but also more profitable because you will be able to decrease your reliance on more expensive marketing tools like advertising and sponsorship.

We can create workshops to cover any and every area of business development but the areas we cover most often for Chambers include networking, client development, presentation skills and how to make better use of social media.  You can find out more by downloading our current L&D directory. 

While our workshops offer the perfect vehicle for tackling your key business development training needs, they may not cover the more specific requirements of some of your members or clerking team.  This is why we also offer 1on1 BD coaching for barristers and clerks at every level.

Our 1on1 coaching sessions are totally confidential and allow anyone within Chambers to explore the BD strategies that suit them best. Then, by exploring current best practice, we will help them create a personal BD plan they are completely comfortable with and can use to win new work and meet new instructing solicitors long into the future. 

If you would like to find out more the types of marketing and business development training we could deliver for your law firm, please click here to arrange a free initial 45 minute consultation.

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