Business development training for architects 

The architectural world has never been as competitive.  Clients are more demanding and more likely to shop around for the most cost-effective option not to mention try new options if they are not getting exactly what they want from their current providers. 

As a result architects need to get out and work their contacts, doing whatever they can to get visible and stay visible to the people most likely to require their particular specialisms.  This is where Tenandahalf’s specialist business development training programmes for architects will help.

Our philosophy is architects will always be most effective when they are doing what they are best at and what they are most comfortable doing.  To put that into practice we split BD up into 4 main areas - networking, writing, presenting and research.

Our informal, lively and totally interactive workshops explore each area in detail, allowing you team to choose which area they are best suited to.  And rest assured our workshops are never theoretical; they are specifically designed to share proven practical tips from every branch of the professional services that your team can put into practice immediately.

Every training programme is created specifically for the client but the areas we tend to cover in BD training programmes for architects include:

  • How to approach both formal and informal networking opportunities (and how to follow up effectively so you see a return for your time)
  • How to progress new contacts from conversations to clients
  • How to develop your existing relationships with clients and contacts
  • How to produce content that packages and promotes your expertise
  • How to engage your audience by presenting with energy and impact

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