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Marketing support for law firms, accountants and barristers chambersDo you want to refresh your firm’s approach to marketing and business development so it is ready to help you deliver your commercial objectives?

Business development training for lawyers, accountants and barristers

The most effective marketing tool any law firm, accountancy practice or Chambers has is your staff but can you honestly say yours generate as many opportunities as they could?

Business development coaching for lawyers, accountants and barristersHow can you really address the individual training and development needs of your team?

Client service reviews and client research for law firms, accountants and barristers chambersHave you thought about how much more work you could win from your key clients just by listening to them?

Sector marketing support for law firms, accountants and barristers chambers

Is your marketing and business development as focused as it should be?  Are you making the most of the time and resource you are investing in marketing and business development?

PathtoPartner: A comprehensive non-technical training programme for your next partners

The complete non-technical training package for the next partners in your firm delivered by an experienced team who really understand the legal world.

Build more successful formal tender responses

A simple step-by-step guide to help lawyers, accountants, patent & trademark attorneys and barristers build better and more successful formal tender documents.     

Practical tender support for law firms, accountants and barristers chambersWhether you are a solicitor, an accountant, a patent or trade mark attorney or a barrister, formal procurement is becoming increasingly prevalent and this trend looks set to continue.

Presentation skills training for lawyers, accountants and barristersWhether you are speaking at one of your firm’s seminars, presenting at an external event or delivering a formal pitch, your success hinges on your ability to engage with your audience and present with real impact.

Copywriting services for lawyers, accountants and barristersDo your website, brochures, special reports and case studies promote your firm or Chambers in the way you want them to?

HR support for law firms, accountants and barristers chambers If you look at business development as the process of developing your practice, firm or Chambers so that it meets all of your clients’ requirements, the development of a happy, motivated and well-managed workforce is essential.  Our experienced HR associate can help you with every aspect of that development process.

Management consultancy for law firms and accountants Our ethos is based on a very simple 4-step model - get the work, do the work, bill the work, get paid for the work.Can you honestly say everyone in your firm or Chambers delivers against each of these 4 steps?  If they don’t, we can help you make the decisions that will strengthen your business for the future.



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