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Stake your sector claim (from the CITMA Review)

13 Dec 2018

One of the questions I’m asked most frequently by the trade mark attorneys we work with is “how can I stand out from all of the other trade mark attorneys out there?”  My answer (almost) always splits into two parts.  First, cultivate strong relationships with your clients and contacts - at home and abroad - so you’re best positioned for referrals.  Second, adopt a sector strategy and develop a ‘go to’ status in the industry sectors you want to win work from. A sector strategy provides a clear focus your business development activity.  It allows you to package and promote your particular strengths to a defined audience that you really understand, an audience who will appreciate your specific


Downlo-ho-ho-oad our brand new 2018 Christmas Annual here!

12 Dec 2018

The brand new Tenandahalf 2018 Christmas annual is now out.  If you are a solicitor, a patent or trade mark attorney, an accountant, a barrister or clerk or an architect you can download your own free copy and enjoy the hundreds of practical business development and marketing tips within!


Check outour new video: Successful content is as easy as C, P, D

12 Nov 2018

In this short video we share the three things you should focus on when you're writing content so your finished article (or blog, update or top tips) is more engaging, more valuable to your readers and more likely to be shared to a wider audience.


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