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It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it

15 Jul 2011

However many sophisticated BD solutions come into the market, there is no getting away from the fact that what generates most business are referrals. But how do you make sure you maximize the number you receive? According to Doug McPherson, of Size 10½ Boots, doing a good job is still crucial but so is bedside manner. Limited to doctors? Not any more!


Genies in the lamp

05 Jul 2011

At the moment there are simply too many law firms and not enough work. Work no longer just arrives; it now has to be won. If that wasn't hard enough to swallow, the dark cloud of Clementi and Tesco Law looms which means, like it or not, traditional private client practice could very soon have a slick and aggressive competitor that will massively alter the way the public buys personal legal services. An easy answer would be to lay all responsibility at the door of your firm's BD or marketing resource. However, private client is an area that relies more on trust and relationship than on technical ability which means your firms most effective promotional tools have to be the fee earners themselves, the people who will actually deliver the advice to the client.


All roads lead to CRM

15 Jun 2011

For law firms, the underlying requirement for any successful marketing and business developments is a workable CRM database. This can be as sophisticated (and expensive) as a ‘bells and whistles' state of the art CRM software system, it could be a middle of the road off the shelf package (that's our chosen option and it works!) or as cheap and cheerful as an excel spreadsheet. As long as the data is accurate, up to date and everyone's doing what they can to keep it that way, it essentially doesn't matter.


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