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How to develop professional likeability for enduring client relationships

15 Oct 2011

Frequently, the first thing purchasers of professional services say they want from their lawyer, patent attorney or accountant is professional likeability. Technical expertise, deep-set support mechanisms and creative fee structures lag some way behind a client’s desire to just get on with his adviser. Given the nature of professional service relationships, conversations between clients and advisers will rarely be enjoyable or comfortable. This only underlines the importance of professional likeability – not only in new client acquisitions but also in client retention and cross-selling opportunities.


Websites are an asset not an overhead

26 Jul 2011

For too long now many law firms have published an online brochure rather than an interactive website capable of lead generation, business development and paying its own way. Doug McPherson of Size 10 1/2 Boots believes times need to change.


Private Client Lawyers can’t Market?

25 Jul 2011

It's said too often that, because of the nature of the purchase, private client lawyers can't market the way commercial lawyers can. We believe that statement is almost correct but in the interest of accuracy it should actually read: "private client lawyers can market but not the way commercial lawyers do". Until recently our client base was more or less made up of commercial practice groups. However this trend has turned sharply over the last 6 months with more and more firms asking us to look at the business development activities designed to promote their private client (PC) practices.


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