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Private Client Lawyers can’t Market?

25 Jul 2011

It's said too often that, because of the nature of the purchase, private client lawyers can't market the way commercial lawyers can. We believe that statement is almost correct but in the interest of accuracy it should actually read: "private client lawyers can market but not the way commercial lawyers do". Until recently our client base was more or less made up of commercial practice groups. However this trend has turned sharply over the last 6 months with more and more firms asking us to look at the business development activities designed to promote their private client (PC) practices.


Taking the pitch

22 Jul 2011

I will accept straight off that not everyone is comfortable presenting. I will however contest the view not everyone can present. I am someone who came from the former camp - I definitely wasn't comfortable in front of an audience. However, l realised quickly that if my business was going to succeed I had to accept my second statement and learn. Quickly! The more I studied good presenters, the more I realised they shared common techniques. There was a blueprint, a rule book, and all I had to do was distil what I saw and it's the results of that distillation process I want to share here. I basically put it down to three things - technique, preparation and rehearsal.


It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it

15 Jul 2011

However many sophisticated BD solutions come into the market, there is no getting away from the fact that what generates most business are referrals. But how do you make sure you maximize the number you receive? According to Doug McPherson, of Size 10½ Boots, doing a good job is still crucial but so is bedside manner. Limited to doctors? Not any more!


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