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The 10½ days of Christmas!

23 Dec 2019

These 10½ practical BD tips were originally shared via Twitter and LinkedIn on the run up to 23rd December 2019 ...


The Tenandahalf 2020 Christmas Annual is ready!

14 Dec 2019

We have - as we do every year - just put together 12 of the best received content we published during 2019 into our latest Christmas annual.  Please help yourself and share it (after all it is Christmas!) with anyone you think may benefit from the practical, straightforward marketing and business development advice inside.


Breaking down business development barriers for the legal profession

05 Dec 2019

While business development might not be something you are completely comfortable with, the good news is the myth that business development has to be all about networking which means it has to be about formal networking events is nonsense. If it is only the thought of having to walk into a crowded room full of faces you don’t recognise that’s kept you from getting involved in winning new work (and I’ll be honest, those types of events aren’t my bag either), I’d like to share a few alternatives here that may suit you much better …


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