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Could you create great networking events that are fun and successful?

28 Mar 2017

Whilst networking definitely is one of the most effective BD tools open to lawyers in every practice area, you will need a) to enjoy what you’re doing and b) meet the right people if you’re going to get a return from the time you are giving up.  This means that you need to choose your events wisely.


Package, Position, Profit: The Executive Summary

23 Mar 2017

Doug's new book - Package, Position, Profit: How to Build a Law Firm the 21st Century Wants to Buy - will be published by The Ark Group on the 3rd of April.  To give you a flavour of what it's all about, here is the executive summary: The legal market refuses to stand still. While the muttering about AI and virtual practices rumbles on, unsettling many of the more traditional firm’s views of the future, the level of competition within the markets continues to rise rapidly and apparently unabated ....


Rock ‘n’ roll networking (from the Solicitors Journal)

15 Mar 2017

On the 4th June 1976 the Sex Pistols played at the Manchester Free Trade Hall.  Aside from being the Pistol’s first foray into the North, the gig has gone down in history because it is said that although less than 30 people were in attendance, about 18 went off to form bands and many of those bands became mainstays of the British music scene for decades to come (a list that includes The Smiths, Joy Division, The Fall and, err, Simply Red). That’s a nice story, I hear you say, but what the heck has it got to do with a solicitor’s marketing and business development?  A fair question.


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