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7 effective BD Ideas that don’t involve networking … but do generate results

24 Apr 2017

Within the legal profession a myth has arisen that business development has to mean networking and networking has to mean formal networking events.  By extension this has left many lawyers thinking that if you are going to be a successful business developer/marketer, you are going to have to be a flamboyant extrovert, adept with small talk and fully conversant with ‘working the room’.


The Magnificent Seven Steps to better follow up

13 Apr 2017

One of the clichés we are want to trot out when it comes to networking is that it isn’t the turning up that wins work, it’s the follow up. As with all clichés this has only written itself into BD folklore because it is absolutely true. If you are going to invest time in networking, you need to make sure you are ready, willing and able to do the follow up.


It’s not the USP but the CVP

13 Apr 2017

Cards on the table: I don’t accept that differentiation or unique selling points (USPs) exist in a legal marketing context. I know this point of view is divisive. Many agree that, as the majority of law firms do similar things in similar ways, there isn’t one single thing that one firm has that absolutely no other practice can lay claim to. Others still think ‘it’ is out there and continue to hunt it down.


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