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Packaging = Client Value Proposition

23 May 2017

When it comes to selling legal services, the way you package your firm is crucial to achieving commercial success, especially in a market that continues to constrict, morph and become even more competitive. By 'packaging', I'm talking about the way you present yourself to an external audience – your clients, referrers or targets. You have to appear the most attractive (i.e. a combination of credible, user-friendly, knowledgeable, technically gifted and well-connected) offering in your chosen markets.


Getting the call to action right

23 May 2017

Over the last 18 months it has been a joy to see not only the increase in the volume of content law firms are producing but also the increase in the quality of that content. It’s also interesting to see how many firms are experimenting with format, eschewing the traditional article for shorter blogs, email bulletins, LinkedIn posts, opinion pieces, and even (and apologies for using what is marketing’s most offensive word) the ‘listicle’.


7 effective BD Ideas that don’t involve networking … but do generate results

24 Apr 2017

Within the legal profession a myth has arisen that business development has to mean networking and networking has to mean formal networking events.  By extension this has left many lawyers thinking that if you are going to be a successful business developer/marketer, you are going to have to be a flamboyant extrovert, adept with small talk and fully conversant with ‘working the room’.


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