Cross-selling in a new working environment (originally published by Legal Practice Management)

11 Aug 2020

This article was originally published by LPM as a blog and is reproduced here with their kind permission.

Cross-selling has always been a challenge, it seems, for the legal sector – especially for SME law firms that perhaps think they don’t have the time or resource to push for it as much as they should. As new pressures brought out by the pandemic continue, how can SME law firms improve this area of business development?

I hope I’m not crossing any lines by saying that one of the areas of marketing and business development that law firms can struggle with is cross-selling. In my experience, every firm knows they need to do it but the day-to-day pressures of meeting our clients’ deadlines and demands all too often end up getting in the way.

And, if these demands and deadlines weren’t enough, our quest to find the simple but effective model for maximising client spend now involves the additional challenges imposed by having to work remotely.

The only thing is that while things are trickier to coordinate, our clients’ requirements haven’t changed. They still need advice and support in a number of different areas whether those are linked to their working or personal lives. Our objective has to be to make sure finding the right person to provide those different types of advice is as easy for our clients as possible (which, to be honest, is all cross-selling really is) ...

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