5 steps to successful tendering (From Counsel magazine)

23 Sep 2019

This article was originally published in the July issue of Counsel magazine and is reproduced here with their kind permission.


It's an unceasingly popular method of appointing counsel so how will you answer the call to tender and establish yourself as the irresistible choice?


While I’ve never met anyone who actually enjoys the tendering process, the truth is that for most Chambers regardless of size or specialism, formal procurement is becoming an increasingly popular method of appointing counsel. 


Whether the calls for tender you receive come from law firms looking to fix costs and derive more value, from public entities trying to satisfy ever tighter budgets or from corporate clients looking to take advantage of direct access, at some point soon you will need to get better at tendering.


However the good news is, as with any other aspect of marketing and business development, there is a proven process that will improve your tender submissions even if you feel you are closer to ‘well-oiled machine’ than ‘just starting out’.


Step 1:  Be realistic


Before you even consider responding to a call for tender ask yourself one vital question ....

To read the rest please visit the Counsel website or print off the PDF.

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