7 simple steps to growing your relationships with your most important law firms (originally published in The Barrister)

03 Mar 2019

This article was written for and published in issue 80 of The Barrister and is reproduced with their kind permission.


Client development used to be the preserve of the corporate world but increasingly it is assuming its rightful place as one of the core components of a professional service firm’s business development plan. Law and accountancy firms have finally realised that selling more to someone who already likes/trusts/respects your brand is a much easier (and more cost-effective) prospect than constantly trying to win brand new clients.

However, despite making huge steps forward in recent years (backed up by the strong and resilient relationships fostered and maintained by their clerks) barristers chambers still have some way to go when it comes to really embracing a client development culture.  Many still seem content to rely on the existing ties between certain barristers and certain solicitors and the belief that simply doing a good job will guarantee repeat purchase.


Now, I’m certainly not going to downplay the importance of doing a good job (it’s definitely the number one priority – no ifs/no buts!) or the crucial role client satisfaction plays in repeat purchase. My challenge would be if that solicitor is impressed with your work and your way of working suits them, how much more work you and your fellow members could be generating from their team and/or other departments in the firm?


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