Profiting from the Right Packaging and Market Positioning

06 Jun 2017

This blog was written for and published by Lexis Nexis Enterprise Solutions on 2nd June 2017 and is reproduced with their kind permission.


Over the last two blogs, we've looked at how to package your firm by creating a stronger and more attractive client value proposition; and how to position your firm so that the message gets to the people you really want to be your clients.


Now we get to the heart of the matter. If you are going to invest all of that time, money and effort into packaging and positioning your firm, how can you make sure all of the investment actually delivers a tangible financial return?


Although it may sound strange, I'd like to start by looking at the other end of the scale – if you haven't packaged your firm and created a viable client proposition and are still trying to be all things to all men market position-wise, where are you?


My suggestion would be you could very well find yourself in a dangerous marketing hinterland where you are working supremely hard to keep your head above water and be heard in an increasingly competitive marketplace. More worryingly, it is also likely you are being compared to everyone else in your marketplace as ‘just another firm' that is judged on price, location and availability …


To read the rest of this blog please click here.  To discuss anything relating to the packaging and positioning of your firm (or anything else related to marketing or business development) just click here.



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