Packaging = Client Value Proposition

23 May 2017

This blog was originally published by Lexis Nexis on May 18th 2017 and is reproduced here with their kind permission.


When it comes to selling legal services, the way you package your firm is crucial to achieving commercial success, especially in a market that continues to constrict, morph and become even more competitive.


By 'packaging', I'm talking about the way you present yourself to an external audience – your clients, referrers or targets. You have to appear the most attractive (i.e. a combination of credible, user-friendly, knowledgeable, technically gifted and well-connected) offering in your chosen markets.


It's worth noting here is that what I'm not talking about is a prolonged search of your collective navels to create a 'brand'. While brand is important for traditional consumer products like FMCGs or personal electronics, it is largely ethereal ("how it makes you feel?"). The sale of professional advice needs to be less emotional and more quantifiable and fact-based.



I'm also not talking about USPs or differentiation. Let's stop kidding ourselves; neither exists in any true sense in the legal market. As a marketer, all the search for differentiation will do is delay you from doing what needs to be done – namely keep reminding your clients, contacts and targets you are there, that you can help and why you are the right option for them.


What's the answer? The establishment of a strong, credible and consistent client value proposition (CVP).


The first step towards creating the right CVP is to work out exactly who you are and what you offer. This may sound like a backwards step. It's true that your firm has a name, a history, a confirmed range of services and practice areas, an established client base and a marketplace. But these are just the 'features' of your firm. To be the most attractive option, you need to emphasise what you do and how your services will benefit your clients …


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