Getting the call to action right

23 May 2017

This column was originally published by the Solicitors Journal on 17 May 2017 and is reproduced here with their kind permission.


However good law firms’ content is, it won’t generate the level of response it deserves if it doesn’t tell readers what to do next, says Douglas McPherson


Over the last 18 months it has been a joy to see not only the increase in the volume of content law firms are producing but also the increase in the quality of that content. It’s also interesting to see how many firms are experimenting with format, eschewing the traditional article for shorter blogs, email bulletins, LinkedIn posts, opinion pieces, and even (and apologies for using what is marketing’s most offensive word) the ‘listicle’.


Tone has improved too. Solicitors have grasped that they are writing for the reader, using the word ‘you’ to personalise their delivery and adopting a more conversational tone. This undoubtedly makes the finished content more engaging and more easily accessible to a lay audience (not to mention framing the firm as a more attractive option than its more staid competitors).


However, the one area which still needs improvement is the call to action …


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