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What lawyers can learn from football (from

22 April 2014

Forget the gadgets. Forget the next big thing. Don’t use the virtual as an excuse not to do the physical. Go back to what you know really works: get out, get in, get on. Get out from behind your desk and talk to people; get in with them by being generous with your time, your contacts and your ideas as to how to best service your target market, together if at all possible; get on with people by being yourself and by being willing to engage as a person first, business person second and lawyer third. Conversations and relationships win work, not apps.


Two out of three ain’t bad (from Private Client Adviser)

22 April 2014

Quality of service is also your most cost effective marketing tool because unlike advertising, hospitality, sponsorship, networking or even the odd cup of coffee with your best referrers, it costs your practice nothing.

So what are the pillars of great service? Obviously, there’s the frontline – always being accessible, responding quickly, meeting deadlines without being chased, providing advice clearly and concisely and offering reasonable (not cheap, not cut price) and transparent fees.

However, all of this also needs to be underpinned by your ability to manage expectations and this is where the law of ‘2 from 3’ kicks in. 


Leaving your foot in the (legal) door (From

04 April 2014

I may well be the first to admit that business development/selling/marketing/this week’s preferred moniker isn’t rocket science and is very little other than applied common sense to be honest, and this is something we’re continually reminded of by the solicitors, attorneys and barristers we work with.


Selling to strengths: Business development for introverts and extroverts (from Managing Partner)

02 April 2014

The fact is while not many lawyers are comfortable with the idea of business development (or ‘selling’ if we’re going to be blunt), the majority have realised it’s a necessary evil.  If one is to maximise one’s earnings and realise one’s ambitions of partnership, then the ability to bring in work is essential and to do that – consistently and successfully – you have to be able to sell.


That can’t be right - I earn more than that! (from @notabarrister)

09 March 2014

I got a taxi back home from Chambers tonight. The driver asked what I did for a living so I explained I am a barrister’s clerk. What follows is our conversation as best as I can recall it.


Maintaining high business standards is everyone’s responsibility (from The Solicitors Journal)

21 February 2014

As a law firm, the ‘right work’ can be easily dismissed as simply providing legal advice. However a more important consideration when it comes to defining the ‘right work’ is price. Are you charging in a sensible, profitable way for the firm, and for clients, in an attractive way? While the hourly rate isn’t dead, it is fast becoming outdated and in many cases is simply no longer fit for purpose.

To improve your service levels, look at every part of your business clients come into contact with.


How to choose the right solicitor for you (From

11 February 2014

Having spent the last seven years helping law firms package and promote themselves, there are very few legal situations Size 10½ Boots haven’t come across. We’d like to use that insight to provide a few helpful tips to help make the job of choosing a lawyer easier and less time consuming.


Think laterally, cross-sell and move closer (from Private Client Adviser)

23 January 2014

Douglas McPherson offers three simple marketing resolutions for 2014

It's a new year and the perfect time to think about which foundations you can lay to deliver a successful 12 months. So, here are three (proven) tips you can put in place immediately, quickly, cheaply and easily to improve your marketing.


BDinLaw: The movie!

23 January 2014

Our new website - - is almost ready to launch.

What is BDinLaw you ask?  Just watch the trailer .....


SME managing partners to get mentoring and coaching (from The Solicitors Journal)

14 January 2014

'Change in Law' group sessions start on Friday

An innovative new skills development programme for managing partners of SME law firms will have its first group session at the end of this week.

Dubbed 'Change in Law', the project is being launched by Creative Sheffield in conjunction with the Law Society and is considered the first of its kind.


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What our clients say about us

After a rigorous tendering process Size 10½ Boots came out as the obvious choice. Their understanding of our culture, issues, market and direction showed that they had put in the effort. Coming to the end of the first year and we are seeing the results that were promised and a new enthusiasm from the firm to embrace BD. I have no doubt that the investment we have made in Bernard, Doug and the team will be paying dividends for many years to come.

Jason Edge, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Mayo Wynne Baxter Solicitors

Our experience with Size 10½ Boots has been a breath of fresh air and, speaking as someone who would have laughed heartily at the idea of BD training for barristers 3 years ago, I am a convert and looking forward to what we can achieve with our new found direction and approach.

Scott Baldwin, Head Clerk, St Mary's Chambers

Bernard provides refreshingly down-to-earth advice. He was great at demystifying and humanising a series of marketing concepts and giving us practical action plans we could each take away from our training session. The training was lively, productive and fun.

John Haresnape, Head of UK Business Development, Taylor Wessing LLP

We needed to train our lawyers on the art of bringing in new business. Size 10½ Boots designed and delivered a high impact training programme, supplemented by one-to-one coaching for senior managers. The result was to create an energized marketing culture which has had a positive impact on the bottom line just when we needed it.

Mark Johnson, Managing Director, TPP Law

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