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How employment solicitors can market their practice more effectively (from The Solicitors Journal)

04 February 2015

Traditionally the employment team has been one of the powerhouses of a law firm’s businesses development.  They were often the most prolific when it came to delivering seminars and, because of the nature of their work, the team who could apply a bit of creativity to their written communications.  However changes to tribunal procedures (and tribunal fees), the growing influence of HR consultants and the increasing threat from insurance/call centre based operations have scalded employment solicitors and many now face the threat of decreasing fees and a declining clientbase.

But some firms are bucking the trend and the reason they are able to do so arguably owes more to a more lateral definition of business development than it does relying on using the same old marketing methods to promote the same old message.

So what is that more lateral definition of business development?  I would argue that rather than just continuing to consider business development to be a sales and marketing function, for the employment law sector business development now needs to viewed as the opportunity to develop your business so that it better meets the needs - and market conditions - you now face.  


Back to Basics (from Private Client Adviser)

16 January 2015

Cross selling strategies and marketing plans should not to be the domain of a specialist within a firm, often it's the smallest things which everyone can contribute to, which have the biggest impact, says Doug McPherson

While it seems to remain flavour of the month for the commercial practice areas, when it comes to the private client sectors, it is arguable whether wholesale CRM (client relationship management) will ever work.


The Tenandahalf Christmas Annual 2014 is out!

11 December 2014

Packed full of practical marketing and business development advice, the Tenandahalf Christmas Annual is the perfect accompaniment for any lawyer or accountant’s festive endeavours.

The annual brings together the best of our blogs, press and top tips into one edifyingly delicious bite sized chunk.

Please help yourself to a copy by downloading the PDF.


Multipurpose vehicle (from Private Client Adviser)

14 November 2014

Cross-selling is a funny old business. On one hand, every professional service firm knows they need to be doing it but on the other, very few do it well - if at all.

The trouble is (and I need to be careful about making absolute statements as marketing and business development is not an exact science) if you do take the time and trouble to get it right, it is without doubt the easiest and most productive source of new work open to you. Why? Because all of your targets will be people who have already made the decision to work with you and, more importantly, pay for that work.

So how do you get a cross-referral strategy up and running? Here are two practical tips you can implement immediately and at negligible cost.


Stay visible, win work (from Recovery magazine)

04 November 2014

While I don’t want to annoy anyone with my first sentence, I think it’s fair to say that if a business owner was to list out the subjects they want to talk about, insolvency and recovery would not be at the top of that list. 

I would be willing to add that if the same business owners were to find themselves in serious financial trouble, the likelihood they would go out of their way to admit their situation and make contact with IPs and/or insolvency lawyers would be, at best, slim.


Emotive Networking (from Private Client Adviser)

02 October 2014

The first thing to consider when you're looking for alternative ways to network is to choose something that, a) plays to your personal strengths and preferences and, b) is something you actually want to do. If you can tick both of those boxes you will sow the seeds for real success. Why? Because you will be yourself, you won't find last minute excuses to postpone or cancel and, most importantly, you'll filter the attendees so you have a group who share your interests.


The key to client retention is on your desk top (from The Solicitors Journal)

28 August 2014

When it comes to client management (and, more importantly from a commercial perspective, client retention and client development), there is simply no substitute for spending time with people.

Profitable long-term working relationships cannot be established unless the required level of trust has been established and both parties know each other well and are comfortable discussing even the most difficult issues.  That level of relationship can only be established if you are prepared to sit down with your clients at regular intervals throughout the year –outside of any recent or current matters - and just chat.


Social Media is not for Teenagers (from the ITMA Review)

24 July 2014

Why have attorneys been slow to grasp the opportunities that social media presents? Bernard Savage offers an explanation

There are several possible reasons for the slow adoption of social media applications such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and blogs.



How to build an effective marketing strategy that delivers real results (from the SJ)

15 July 2014

While commercial practices can target potential clients by cross referencing their preferred sectors with their geography’s more prevalent industries, business development is slightly trickier for private client practices because your success is dependent on your ability to target individuals rather than businesses. 

As a specialist on the private client side, almost anyone you walk past on the street could be a client.  The only problem is you can neither identify who needs your help nor the help they require.  This means that making sure it’s you they think of if and when a need for legal advice arises is not as straightforward a task as it is for your commercial colleagues.  However, by the same token, it is not an impossible task either.

The simple answer is to switch your primary marketing objective from winning instructions to building your profile in your chosen area/s so both you and your practice can enjoy the highest possible levels of visibility. 


Make the most of seminars (from Private Client Adviser)

11 June 2014

Can you honestly say that you are squeezing out every last opportunity to engage clients on multiple platforms, asks Douglas McPherson

They are the mainstay of almost every private client practice’s marketing plan. They offer professionals the opportunity to impart their wisdom in person to an audience that can cover all of your potential sources of new work – clients, prospects, referrers and colleagues – in one fell swoop. But are you making the most of seminars?


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What our clients say about us

After a rigorous tendering process Size 10½ Boots came out as the obvious choice. Their understanding of our culture, issues, market and direction showed that they had put in the effort. Coming to the end of the first year and we are seeing the results that were promised and a new enthusiasm from the firm to embrace BD. I have no doubt that the investment we have made in Bernard, Doug and the team will be paying dividends for many years to come.

Jason Edge, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Mayo Wynne Baxter Solicitors

Our experience with Size 10½ Boots has been a breath of fresh air and, speaking as someone who would have laughed heartily at the idea of BD training for barristers 3 years ago, I am a convert and looking forward to what we can achieve with our new found direction and approach.

Scott Baldwin, Head Clerk, St Mary's Chambers

Bernard provides refreshingly down-to-earth advice. He was great at demystifying and humanising a series of marketing concepts and giving us practical action plans we could each take away from our training session. The training was lively, productive and fun.

John Haresnape, Head of UK Business Development, Taylor Wessing LLP

We needed to train our lawyers on the art of bringing in new business. Size 10½ Boots designed and delivered a high impact training programme, supplemented by one-to-one coaching for senior managers. The result was to create an energized marketing culture which has had a positive impact on the bottom line just when we needed it.

Mark Johnson, Managing Director, TPP Law

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