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Six ways to invest in professional relationships

14 Sep 2015

Whether you call them contacts, referrers, or intermediaries, as a solicitor your contacts are a valuable source of new work. The thing is, other lawyers will be in touch with your contacts or looking to get in touch with them, so if these contacts are to remain a valuable source of new work, you must look after them. Here are six ways to ensure you retain pole position with your contacts and continue to generate new fee earning opportunities.


Marketing a litigation practice

13 Aug 2015

I THINK it’s fair to say nobody wants to litigate. Arguably it is worse than that: nobody wants to even think about litigation. To the outside world litigation is nasty. It’s aggressive, expensive, stressful, and unpleasant – and it is therefore to be avoided at all costs. The irony is that, in reality, litigation – or at least an assertive shot across the bows as a dispute arises – is often the quickest, easiest, and least expensive way to resolve a potentially contentious situation. As a litigator, this is your challenge. What you do is massively valuable, but getting the right people to understand that is massively tricky. So, how do you permeate the heads of those who are trying their best to avoid acknowledging they need you?


How employment solicitors can market their practice

20 Jul 2015

Traditionally the employment team has been one of the powerhouses of a law firm’s businesses development. They were often the most prolific when it came to delivering seminars and, because of the nature of their work, the team who could apply a bit of creativity to their written communications. However changes to tribunal procedures (and tribunal fees), the growing influence of HR consultants and the increasing threat from insurance/call centre based operations have scalded employment solicitors and many now face the threat of decreasing fees and a declining clientbase. But some firms are bucking the trend and the reason they are able to do so arguably owes more to a more lateral definition of business development than it does relying on using the same old marketing methods to promote the same old message.


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