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Four ways to improve your seminars

18 Nov 2015

Seminars have been ?a mainstay of legal marketing for as long ?as anyone can remember. ?In pre-internet days they were ?a good way to provide clients, contacts, and prospects with general advice and legislative updates, information that couldn’t really be found anywhere else.


Stop thinking and start doing

29 Oct 2015

Instead of agonising over identifying your firm's unique selling point, invest the time and effort in the sources of work already open to you, advises Douglas McPherson


Six ways to invest in professional relationships

14 Sep 2015

Whether you call them contacts, referrers, or intermediaries, as a solicitor your contacts are a valuable source of new work. The thing is, other lawyers will be in touch with your contacts or looking to get in touch with them, so if these contacts are to remain a valuable source of new work, you must look after them. Here are six ways to ensure you retain pole position with your contacts and continue to generate new fee earning opportunities.


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