How to produce content that does BD

‘How to produce content that does BD’ is a unique workshop that explains everything a lawyer, accountant or patent or trade mark attorney needs to know about producing effective new content for their firm.

All of the tips we share are based on experience gained from almost 20 years in commercial publishing so they are practical, proven and easy to implement.

The workshop covers:

  • Why you need to produce fresh content
  • The different types of content you can produce
  • How you can make that content work harder for you marketing-wise
  • Where to publish your content ‘internally’ (i.e. using your existing online and social media platforms)
  • How to identify the right ‘external’ vehicles (the trade and local press) to target and how to get published in them once you do
  • Where to get new ideas from

And much more!

If you would like to run the ‘How to produce content that does BD’ workshop for the aspiring authors in your firm, please email us and we can find a time to discuss the details.

Or you can watch a short webinar based on an excerpt from the workshop on our YouTube channel.  

However, if you are considering outsourcing your content production you can ...

Find out more about how we produce content for lawyers

Find out more about how we produce content for accountants

Find out more about how we produce content for patent and trade mark attorneys

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