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There are other dry cleaners (and lawyers and accountants) out there you know!

21 May 2013

Another day, another rant – dry cleaners this time. Collecting dry cleaning is never exciting, necessary but never exciting. I don’t know about you but I always choose the one closest to where I am which, when in Nottingham, is the one by the office. But no more!

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Lawyers, accountants - what does your tea say about your client care?

02 May 2013

I have no idea how may different people make the Tenandahalf team a cup of tea each year. Taking an average of 10 visits a week and the fact there's two of us out on the road ... well it's a lot!

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“Pictures and fings”: Objectives will help lawyers and accountants generate more from marketing

26 Mar 2013

I always remember an ex-girlfriend telling me how her grandparents would go out into South London on a Saturday morning looking for “pictures and fings” to jazz up their living room. They would more often than not come back with nothing.

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Kia delivers a valuable marketing lesson for lawyers and accountants everywhere

22 Mar 2013

Having lunch in front of the TV the other day I noticed Kia’s new ad. I am usually quite good at blocking out/fast forwarding television ads and have no interest in Kia or cars in general but the opening line managed to permeate my usual ignorance: “Our customers will tell you more than we ever could.”

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“It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little”: A lesson in pricing and value

17 Mar 2013

Last week as part of a client service review programme for a patent attorney client I spent a very interesting our with the business development director of an engineering company.

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2 from 3: The perfect way for lawyers & accountants to price, package and manage client expectations

03 Mar 2013

Speaking to a solicitor the other day I was told about “2 from 3?.

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