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“It’s taken me a year but”: A lesson for lawyers and accountants marketing by networking

05 Sep 2013

“It’s taken me a year but I can now say I have generated over £10,000 in fees from going”.

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“Let’s hear your pitch then” ... words no marketing lawyer or acountants should ever hear

03 Sep 2013

"Right, let's hear your pitch then." Along with "so you do PR?" and "Sky Sports is currently unavailable", few combinations of words have such a heart-sinkingly instantly depressing effect on my fragile psyche.

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Lawyers and accountants: Say thank you, win work

31 Jul 2013

My family came home after a short camping trip last night (I obviously couldn’t go because of work … and, more to the point, a rabid distaste for sleeping anywhere without four walls, an iron and an inside toilet!) with a freshly laid egg in her hand.

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An (apparently) expert marketing approach every lawyer and accountant should never adopt

18 Jul 2013

Every day I go through our online enquiries and amongst the genuine requests for a special report or a free 45 consultancy meeting (remember both are available!) are the increasingly irritating cold approaches from SEO ‘specialists’.

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Which firm would you instruct? The supplier’s point of view

15 Jul 2013

Sometimes lawyers and accountants are so focussed on winning new business they forget the touch points they share with ‘other’ contacts, a group that includes suppliers and a group that holds the power of referral in exactly the same way as your clients and intermediaries/introducers do.

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The same old statements may sound good inside your firm but when they get outside .... so what?

10 Jul 2013

I had a good chat with a branding expert last night. Branding people aren’t a group I’d choose to spend time with but, in a world historically stuffed with bluster and fluff, he was straight talking and actually made sense.

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