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Moneyball marketing: Could a sector focus be the thing to get your ball rolling?

21 Oct 2013

With no interest in baseball I approached ‘Moneyball’ with what could generously be defined as minimal interest. It wasn’t bad. I still don’t understand or like baseball but the story (cash strapped team starts taking on players to meet the statistical demands of success rather than relying on ‘what they’ve always done’) was a good one.

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When it comes to client care follow the Indians, not the cowboys

06 Oct 2013

Even with my cloudy memories of schoolboy physics I remember a magnet has two parts – the attractive and the repellent, startlingly accurate when describing two very different client service experiences last week. The first was a roofer. I won’t beat about the bush, it was beyond repellent.

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Lawyers, accountants, patent attorneys and barristers - you are NOT Readers Digest!

30 Sep 2013

This is really just a quick post scrip to a very recent blog on the merits of persistence over creativity. Completely by coincidence in the week after it was published we had a few bits of direct mail to review.

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Arsenal don’t win anything but they may just have a marketing lesson for lawyers and accountants

25 Sep 2013

Warning, this is a football related blog. Cut me some slack, it's been a while ...

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Proof that when it comes to business development, persistence still beats creativity

21 Sep 2013

I was speaking to a client last week, a firm rightly keen to progress a sector based marketing strategy. He wants to approach his sector on the front foot, identify the right organisations and make a memorable approach.

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Advertising is a means to an end ... but only if it’s done properly

16 Sep 2013

In the same way as networking is still all too often the default for business development for many lawyers and accountants, the default for marketing still seems to be advertising.

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