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No, wait a minute these really ARE excuses

10 Apr 2014

In our work, helping lawyers and accountants with their marketing and business development, one of the lines we hear a lot (read: 'all the time') that tends to make me smile (read: 'makes my toes curl') is "it's not excuses but ..."

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Marketing is as much about personal responsibility as anything else

10 Mar 2014

I have to admit this was almost going to be another blog published under the ‘things we can learn from football’ moniker but as we did that a few weeks ago I thought another heading would be prudent … even if it is something that originated from a football match. Allegedly... I say allegedly because it’s based on a (very well corroborated) rumour.

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3 ways for a lawyer or accountant to leave their foot in the door

04 Mar 2014

After you’ve met someone (and talked about non-work stuff, remember – we’ve shelved the 80s elevator pitch!) there’s often an uncomfortability when it comes to the follow-up. Will they want to hear from me? How long should I leave it? Do I email or phone? Well the answer to that is leave it as long as you’d feel comfortable and email first then call if you don’t hear back.

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Another marketing lesson accountants and lawyers can learn from football

26 Feb 2014

Staring down into the relative abyss of a goalless draw that could have seen them lose ground on their nearest competitors on Saturday, Chelsea went back to the tried and tested: ‘professionally’ won a free kick in a dangerous area, Lampard took, Terry converted. It doesn’t matter what array of attacking talent they’ve brought in over the last 18 months, sometimes when you need the right outcome you need to rely on what you know works.

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Prosecco-gate: Carluccio’s coerce children

12 Feb 2014

In order to obtain as many vouchers for cheap meals as I can (tight but you’ve got to take advantage where you can!) I’ve signed my two boys up with Pizza Express and Carluccio’s.

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Bored of marketing as a lawyer or accountant - pretend you’re a musician!

03 Feb 2014

The good thing about having people to stay for the weekend is you can sneak off for a pint while the children eat. Coupled to that, when you’re battling writers’ block, that pint can make the difference between Tenandahalf having a new blog for the next week or not.

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