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“You scratch my back” may not be the best referral strategy for lawyers and accountants

02 Jun 2014

Making introductions to and giving recommendations for other professionals is part of a lawyer and accountant’s working life. It’s second nature to most of us and we’re happy to do it because we know it adds real value into the relationships we have both with our clients and our wider professional networks. We do it because we like to help out.

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The best marketing strategy for lawyers & accountants may be to move FURTHER into their comfort zone

31 May 2014

I've lost count how many times I've heard the phrase "comfort zone." According to those who take delight in mapping their colleagues' comfort zones, you're either in it or you're out of it; if you're in it you need to get out of it and if you're out of it you need to get even further out of it. All of this would suggest that whether you're in, out or - indeed- shaking it all about, your comfort zone is not a good place to be. I disagree.

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Marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from ... Spanish waterslides?

22 May 2014

I’m off to Spain next week and it’s fair to say I can’t wait. The wine, the weather and the food are all a draw but, if I’m honest, the thing I’m really looking forward to is the waterslides.

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A business plan is not just for bank managers

02 May 2014

At the risk of getting myself in to hot water I think it’s fair to say that historically many legal and accountancy practices have grown with little formal business planning. The thing is today law firms and accountants face a much more competitive market.

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Social media is not just for teenagers

30 Apr 2014

The professional services have generally been slow to grasp the help social media offers lawyers and accountants when it comes to building profile and visibility.

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Networking is not just for extroverts

22 Apr 2014

When it comes to marketing many of the more introverted lawyers and accountants frequently seem to talk themselves out of networking. Why?

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