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Kia delivers a valuable marketing lesson for lawyers and accountants everywhere

22 Mar 2013

Having lunch in front of the TV the other day I noticed Kia’s new ad. I am usually quite good at blocking out/fast forwarding television ads and have no interest in Kia or cars in general but the opening line managed to permeate my usual ignorance: “Our customers will tell you more than we ever could.”

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“It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little”: A lesson in pricing and value

17 Mar 2013

Last week as part of a client service review programme for a patent attorney client I spent a very interesting our with the business development director of an engineering company.

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2 from 3: The perfect way for lawyers & accountants to price, package and manage client expectations

03 Mar 2013

Speaking to a solicitor the other day I was told about “2 from 3?.

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Lawyers/accountants, it’s time to stop worrying about marketing & BD and concentrate on visibility

26 Feb 2013

Marketing, business development, selling, account management, client relationship management. To those accountants, barristers, solicitors and IP attorneys who have to do these activities rather than choose to do these activities, the definitions and differences of each can sometimes blur into each other.

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Stafford Hospital and another tenuous link between the news and marketing the professional services

03 Feb 2013

Stuck in the car with only Radio 2 for company (dictated by reception rather than choice I hasten to add) I listened in disgust to a comprehensive discourse on the whole Stafford Hospital debacle. In amongst the gore, neglect and mis-management rose the independent report of Robert Francis QC promoting “openness, transparency and candour”.

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Two marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can take from the snow

23 Jan 2013

As some of you may have noticed there’s been a bit of snow. I say you may have noticed this. Of course you’ve noticed it – it’s been all over the media in a way that’s made the coverage of the Olympics look like an “and finally …”.

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