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Another marketing lesson accountants and lawyers can learn from football

26 Feb 2014

Staring down into the relative abyss of a goalless draw that could have seen them lose ground on their nearest competitors on Saturday, Chelsea went back to the tried and tested: ‘professionally’ won a free kick in a dangerous area, Lampard took, Terry converted. It doesn’t matter what array of attacking talent they’ve brought in over the last 18 months, sometimes when you need the right outcome you need to rely on what you know works.

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Prosecco-gate: Carluccio’s coerce children

12 Feb 2014

In order to obtain as many vouchers for cheap meals as I can (tight but you’ve got to take advantage where you can!) I’ve signed my two boys up with Pizza Express and Carluccio’s.

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Bored of marketing as a lawyer or accountant - pretend you’re a musician!

03 Feb 2014

The good thing about having people to stay for the weekend is you can sneak off for a pint while the children eat. Coupled to that, when you’re battling writers’ block, that pint can make the difference between Tenandahalf having a new blog for the next week or not.

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When it comes to marketing lawyers and accountants should stop, look and listen

22 Jan 2014

I heard a great story today. A corporate solicitor was running for a train when he clocked a face he knew from years gone by from one of the Big 4 accountancy firms (despite the fact they had been close, they’d lost contact – when will people learn?!) who waved.

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It’s small things not the big marketing messages that differentiate you

15 Jan 2014

During the last three days we’ve been party to two great examples of how lawyers and accountants use small, simple, no-cost, no-time consuming gestures to stand out from their competitors and underline themselves as client-first operators.

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Minimalist direct mail: Sensitivity or avoidance?

03 Jan 2014

Today was one of those rare moments the team was together in Tenandahalf Towers and (inevitably/sadly/predictably/worryingly – delete as applicable) talk turned to marketing stuff. In this case, direct email or, more specifically, the acceptable frequency of direct email. When we talk to clients about sending out emails, response falls into two camps:

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