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What does your e-marketing say about your firm?

18 Sep 2014

E-marketing is an emotive subject. While there is an awful lot out there (and that volume does arguably increase the likelihood the recipient will opt for ‘delete’ rather than ‘open’) it is still an easy to manage and easy to execute way to put your firm’s name in your key contacts’ in-box.

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Lawyers, accountants, Mad Men and marketing

10 Sep 2014

I'm guessing that by now everyone's seen Mad Men, the slick stylish series that beautifully depicts the slickest and most stylish period in marketing - not to mention the USA's - history.

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Marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from Gordon Ramsay

28 Aug 2014

Potty-mouthed rantmeister and some-time chef Gordon Ramsay may seem a stage source of business development tips. However his Kitchen Nightmares show always includes some good advice; advice that with one eye closed and a bit of cynical manipulation can be as easily applied to a lawyer or accountants' marketing as they can to the kitchen of to life in general.

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Lawyers and accountants, when marketing “Time spent on reconnaissance is never wasted”

05 Aug 2014

In the world of business development the majority of the best marketing tips and ideas tend to come from clients. Today was proof.

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Valuable marketing lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from getting your watch fixed

31 Jul 2014

The continued decline in customer service in the UK irks me. It’s unnecessary and you only have to hop over to the continent or the US to see that it is one commercial trend the UK is sadly way ahead on.

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Lawyers and accountants – beware you’re not marketing unwanted added value

24 Jul 2014

Of all the insignificancies we’ve covered I’m guessing lemon in soft drinks may look like a new low. However it continually irks me. Why do people insist on putting it in drinks without asking you first? It changes the flavour of the drink you ordered and none of my family like it but still I find myself repeatedly using the nearest suitable accoutrement to fish it out.

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