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Lawyers and accountants don't need to do the 'same old' business networking to build relationships and win new work

09 Mar 2016

Whilst working with people across the professional services I have made a few observations in respect of attitudes and success in business networking. Here are some of those: 1. Only a minority of fee earners enjoy networking and see any results from this approach to Business Development ....

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If you build it they will come: The BD lesson lawyers & accountants can learn from Wayne’s World

21 Feb 2016

One of the recurrent themes in the marketing and business development programmes we’re delivering for law firms, Chambers, patent and trade mark attorneys and accountants is the fact many professionals don’t like the majority of the networking events out there. Our answer is simple; if the thing you want doesn’t exist, create it … if you build it, they will come.

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What client service lessons can you learn from a eating a King Prawn Curry at an Indian restaurant?

26 Jan 2016

I have a passion for curry. I enjoy eating in good restaurants. So, when a client generously invites me to eat curry in a good restaurant I am really happy. What could possibly go wrong? This article will shed light on both what can (and did) go wrong and more importantly what business lessons can be learnt from my curry experience last week.

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The business development lesson lawyers and accountants can learn from Malcolm McLaren

19 Jan 2016

“It is better to be a flamboyant success than any kind of benign failure.” That, I thought to myself, will lend itself perfectly to the extraction of some sort of highly tenuous marketing lesson for lawyers and accountants.

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3 business development lessons lawyers and accountants can learn from the William Hill World Darts Championship

11 Jan 2016

I’m going to lay my cards on the table. When talk of Christmas starts I don’t immediately think of trees, card and turkey. I think Ally Pally. Christmas – and more specifically – New Year means the World Darts Championship. And as regular readers will know I #LoveTheDarts

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How do you get started after the festive break?

04 Jan 2016

In recent years commentators have labelled today Blue Monday, not as a homage to the classic New Order 12" single from 1983 but a reference to the first Monday after the festive break. The theory is that it’s a miserable day as people struggle to get back to family and work routines … or, to be more accurate, to the alarm going off at 06.30 (or for the earnest perhaps earlier).

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