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Are you doing enough to get visible and stay visible?

23 Nov 2016

Last weekend I had the pleasure of delivering a talk to barristers clerks at the IBC conference, a great opportunity to reconnect with some old friends, clients and contacts in Chambers and meet some new people too.  As well as having a great time I was reminded of some important Business Developments (BD) lessons, here they are ...

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Do you remember John Peel’s Festive 50’s? Why 'personal anchors' are an essential component in Business Development

02 Nov 2016

If your business year starts between Jan-May you should be starting the planning process now. What worked well? What could you do better next year? What do clients say about your service? What are the key areas of the business to focus on in the year ahead? How will you equip your team with the necessary marketing and Business Development (BD) skills to implement your plan? What external support will you need to help you?

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Strength though simplicity: 3 reasons why your practice is actually no different to anyone else’s

19 Oct 2016

I have lost count how many times I have sat across from a solicitor, accountant or barrister who listens to what we have to say about marketing and business development with (apparent) interest but, at the end of the meeting, sits back, bows their head, raises an eyebrow, arches their fingers before and hits me with … “… well all of that is all very interesting but what you don’t realise is my practice is actually very different.” Of all of the responses we get while we’re out doing our own business development this is the one I dread. 

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3 tiny changes that will take no more than 5 minutes and will make an immediate impact on a lawyer or accountant’s business development

10 Oct 2016

Contrary to popular opinion marketing and BD does not need to be a time-draining, energy sapping diversion from what you’re supposed to be doing. To a man the most successful business developers subscribe to the law of ‘little and often’; small gestures that require almost no time and effort and certainly no budget. Here are 3 of those things and I will say with complete certainty that if you adopt them today, they will make an immediate impact on your business development ....

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What is CRM really? Lessons you can learn from Hazel at East Midlands Trains

05 Oct 2016

A highlight of travelling around the UK is the people you meet and interesting things you see along the way. Yesterday I took in the sights of Crewe and Rhyl before settling in Manchester as a stop off to meet some contacts for a beer before meetings in the City today. So what have I learnt?

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5 song titles from The Jam’s back catalogue that provide vital BD lesson for lawyers and accountants

19 Sep 2016

I write this blog for two reasons. Firstly as regular readers will know I have insatiable and inexplicable drive to turn anything from popular culture into a BD or marketing lesson for lawyers and accountants and the more culturally obscure, the better.

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